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Italian Sausage Links

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I absolutely love sausages! The problem is you never really know what is in them, right? Sure, they are pork, but what part? 😬 Too many times I’ve taken a bite and ended up almost breaking a tooth from biting into something rock hard. Meat doesn’t have anything hard like that in it…  grossed out time and time again led me to buying the sausage attachment for my kitchenaid and I’ve never looked back!

There are so many different types of sausage you can make. Today’s recipe is for Italian Sausage Links. Super easy and delicious, you’ll never want store bought sausage again!

Italian Sausage Links. These mild Italian sausages are bursting with flavour and a touch of spice. Take the plunge and give them a shot!

How to make sausages

Sausages take quite a bit of work to create, but it’s totally worth it! Follow these instructions in my How to Make Sausages post for the directions!

You will need some nice fatty pork butt (or shoulder) to start.

Add to that an onion, some garlic cloves, salt, pepper, fennel seed, paprika, basil, oregano, thyme, red pepper flakes, fresh parsley, red wine and red wine vinegar.

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2 thoughts on “Italian Sausage Links

  1. akashocd says:

    this recipe is so finger licking good and i loved it so much

    1. Aleta says:

      Thank you! Glad you loved it!

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