Best Keto TikTok Influencers
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11 Best Keto TikTok Influencers You Need to Follow

In recent years, TikTok has evolved into a powerhouse platform for sharing recipes, lifestyle tips, and health advice. Among its diverse array of content creators, there’s a thriving community dedicated to the ketogenic diet. With millions of followers, these influencers have mastered the art of creating mouthwatering, low-carb recipes while inspiring others on their keto journey. 

Popularity of Keto TikTok Influencers 

TikTok was created in 2016 but didn’t become popular in the united states until around 2019. It blew up in 2020 and was at one point the most popular website in the US over Google. It gained popularity due to their short videos making this a great place for food bloggers to share their recipes. 

Below is a list of the best keto diet TikTok accounts you should follow if you are looking for keto inspiration. 

Best Keto TikTok Influencers

Best Keto TikTok Influencers You Need To Follow

Here are the 11 best keto TikTok influencers you need to follow for delicious low-carb inspiration:


  • Vinny is most well known from the tv show Jersy Shore known for his engaging personality and creative keto recipes, he offers a mix of informative content and entertaining cooking demonstrations. From decadent desserts to savory meals, his TikTok feed is a treasure trove of keto-friendly dishes that prove you don’t have to sacrifice flavor to stay in ketosis. You can follow him on instagram @ketoguido


  • With a focus on simple yet flavorful recipes, @ketochefmax shares easy-to-follow cooking tutorials that cater to keto enthusiasts of all skill levels. Whether you’re craving comfort food classics or healthier alternatives to your favorite dishes, his TikTok account has you covered.

@ketorecipes (shredhappens):

  • One of the more popular keto influencers, @ketorecipes shares lots of easy and simple keto and low carb recipes that anyone can make. Some of his more popular recipes include chopped egg salad, garlicky feta broccoli salad, mediterranean shrimp and taco tuna boats. 


  • True to its name, @ketofoodmadeeasy specializes in simplifying the keto lifestyle with practical tips and delicious recipes. From quick meal prep ideas to budget-friendly recipes, this TikTok influencer makes it easier than ever to stick to your keto goals.Some of her more popular recipes include keto cold brew coffee, keto waffles, and keto shrimp lo mein. 


  • Offering a glimpse into her life as a keto enthusiast living in canada, @ketoincanada shares her favorite low-carb and keto recipes as well as health and fitness tips. Some of her favorite recipes include jalapeno poppers, and garlic butter salmon. She also shares how flexible you can eat while on a keto diet.


  • With a passion for cooking and a knack for creative recipe development, @ketomamaalissa showcases a wide range of keto-friendly meals and snacks. Her TikTok feed is a source of inspiration for anyone looking to add variety to their low-carb menu. Some of her most popular recipes include summer boat dip, shrimp tacos, crockpot roast, cold summer salad and low carb bacon cheeseburger soup. 


  • Catering to busy moms and families, @ketomommaof3 shares practical advice and family-friendly keto recipes that are sure to please even the pickiest eaters. Follow her for meal prep tips, kid-approved snacks, and strategies for making the keto lifestyle work for your entire household. Some of her more popular recipes include keto cucumber sandwiches, keto sausage stuffed chaffles and easy keto breading for chicken tenders.


  • This dynamic duo combines their love for food and fitness to create engaging content that highlights the benefits of the ketogenic diet. From satisfying meal ideas to workout routines tailored for keto followers to see how they lost over 70 pounds of fat together. Some of their more popular recipes include eggroll in a bowl, and cilantro lime chicken.

  • Armed with a passion for cooking and a commitment to helping others achieve their health goals, shares delicious keto recipes that are as visually stunning as they are tasty. Her TikTok account is a must-follow for anyone seeking culinary inspiration with a low-carb twist.


  • Whether you’re a keto beginner or a seasoned low-carb veteran, @daily_keto provides valuable tips, tricks, and recipes to support your journey. From keto product staples, to weight loss tips and easy practical recipers her TikTok feed is a valuable resource for anyone looking to optimize their health through ketogenic eating. Some of her more popular recipes include keto broccoli salad, mozzarella stuffed pesto burgers, egg salad and chicken quesadillas. 


  • For those who love to explore the world without derailing their keto lifestyle, @lowcarbtraveler offers practical advice and travel-friendly recipes that make sticking to low-carb eating a breeze. Follow along for tips on dining out while keto, as well as healthy snack ideas for when you’re on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Famous Celebrities Have Tried Keto?

There are many famous celebrities that are on a keto diet or have tried keto. Above we have mentioned Vinny from Jersery Shore but there are so many others. Halle Berry, Megan Fox, Kourtney Kardashian, Tim Tebow, Vanessa Hudgens, Lebron James and more. 

What Are Some Of The Best Keto Foods?

Some of the best keto food staples you should have on hand are eggs, butter, cream, nuts, avocado, chicken, coconut oil and berries. 

Can You Stay On A Keto Diet Long Term?

As with any type of diet you can do Keto long term if it fits your lifestyle and works with your body. You should always listen to your body. If a certain food or diet isn’t working with your body you should stop the diet or stop eating that food. 


In conclusion, these 11 keto TikTok influencers are leading the charge in providing valuable content and inspiration for anyone looking to embrace the low-carb lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking delicious recipes, helpful tips, or motivational support, these creators have you covered. So why wait? Give them a follow and take your keto journey to the next level!

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