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Keto Breakfast

Fast Keto Breakfast Ideas

What Should YOU have for breakfast on a “Keto Diet”

Here is a list of Keto Breakfast Recipes!

5 Quick & Easy Low Carb Fast Food Breakfast Tips!

Did you miss breakfast and need to get something fast!

We all know that eating fast food is not the best decision but what do you do in a pinch!

Here are 5 Keto Breakfast Fast Food tips for top low carb fast food in the United States

  1. Skip the Bun – Sausage, egg, and cheese combos For the lowest carb counts and highest calories. You can special order a bun-less sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich from almost every fast food restaurant.
  2. Bacon, Bacon, Bacon! – Fast food bacon can be over-cooked  and becomes light on calories. Order the Sausage it is the better choice for your fast food breakfast meat of choice.
  3. Live Mas!  Steak, egg, & cheese combos are a great option at places like Taco Bell .
  4. Leave the Potatoes Behind –  A single medium russet potato has 35 grams of net carbs — much too high for a traditional keto diet that aims for less than 30 net carbs per day.
  5. Check your bag before driving off. Sometimes even tho you requested no bun and skipped the potatoes, they might put them in the bag. Don’t be tempted!

I hope these quick tips helped you with your Keto Breakfast fast food options. Just keep in mind Skip the Bun, Leave the Potatoes, and choose the steak or sausage over the Friend Chicken and Bacon.

For More Breakfast Recipes and keto ideas make sure to check out our Cook Book!

Keto Breakfast Recipes

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