Bacon Wrapped Avocado Fries

• The perfect keto snack or appetizer, these Bacon Wrapped Avocado Fries will be the hit of the party!  • Try them with ranch or chipotle mayo.

You will need:

• avocado • bacon • yummy dip

That's it!

• Carefully slice the avocados in half, then remove the pits.

• Peel away the avocado peels using your fingers or a paring knife.

• Slice each avocado half into 6 wedges.

• Wrap a half slice of bacon around a piece of avocado, then place on a lined baking sheet.

• Wrap each slice of avocado with a half slice of bacon.

• Bake for 12 minutes, draining the grease half way. • Flip each fry over, then bake for an additional 12 minutes, draining the grease halfway through. * alternately, bake fries on a metal rack lined sheet to avoid having to drain the grease.

• Serve with ranch dressing or chipotle mayo.