Keto Peanut Butter Cup Parfait

For Two

So  Romantic!

This low carb parfait for two tops the cake with it’s perfect texture, amazing flavour, romantic disposition and beautiful layers. Make it to enjoy with your special someone for Valentine's Day!

You'll need:

Cheesecake • unsweetened chocolate • heavy cream • cream cheese • sweetener • sour cream • vanilla • cocoa powder • peanut butter Ganache • heavy cream • unsweetened chocolate • sweetener

Chocolate Layer

• Make this layer by combining whipped cream with creamed cream cheese, sweetener, sour cream and melted chocolate. • Scoop half of the chocolate layer into a parfait cup and smooth it out evenly.

Peanut Butter Layer

• This layer is made with whipped cream, creamed cream cheese, sour cream and peanut butter. • Scoop half of the peanut butter mix over top of the chocolate layer and then smooth it out evenly.


• Make the ganache with melted chocolate, heavy cream and sweetener. • Pour half of the ganache over the peanut butter layer.


• Spread the remaining chocolate layer over the ganache, then the rest of the peanut butter and lastly the remaining ganache.

Optional Garnish

• Load up your beautiful parfait with chopped unsweetened chocolate and salted peanuts!

Grab a couple of spoons, your sweetie and dive in!