Keto & Low Carb Valentine's Day Brownies

Dive into fudge heaven with these deliciously adorable Low Carb Valentine’s Day Brownies. Perfect for your love and/or kids, these brownies are just as tasty as they are adorable!

You'll Need:

• cream cheese • sweetener • vanilla • butter • almond flour • sea salt • cocoa powder • instant coffee • eggs • red food colouring gel

Make the Batter

• Whip cream cream with sweetener and vanilla. • Remove 3 tbsp batter and set aside.

• Whip more sweetener, eggs and melted butter into the remaining batter.

• Whisk almond flour, cocoa, salt and instant coffee. • Stir dry into wet until just combined.

Prepare the Pan

• Spray baking dish with oil and cover the bottom with tin foil • Pour batter into the pan and then smooth the surface.

The Hearts

• Mix red food colouring gel into reserved batter. • Scrape into a piping bag.

• Pipe hearts in thin layers all over the surface of the unbaked brownie.

• Bake at 350° for 25-30 minutes.  * The edges will be puffy, center will still be jiggly.


• Cool and then refrigerate until completely cold. • Slice into 9 and enjoy!