Thai Curry Chicken


Loaded with flavour, this delicious Keto Thai Curry Chicken is fast and easy to make, perfect for any day of the week. Pair it with cauliflower rice for the full meal package.


• chicken thighs • red onion • jalepeños • garlic • fresh ginger • olive oil • yellow curry powder • chili powder • sea salt • pepper • coconut milk • cilantro

How to Make it

• Fry chicken with onion, jalepeños, ginger and garlic. • Stir in curry powder, chili powder, salt and pepper.

• Stir in one can of coconut milk and then just the cream from a second can. • Simmer until thick.

• Once thick, stir in chopped cilantro or Thai basil.

• Serve over Cauliflower Rice.