Keto Grilled Cheese

Cheesy toasty goodness!!  This Keto  Grilled Cheese is ready in 10 minutes for a quick and easy lunch.  Try it with pulled pork or ham for an extra delicious spin!

You will need:

• cheddar cheese • mayonnaise • almond flour • parmesan cheese • baking powder • onion powder • sea salt • egg • olive oil • butter

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• Add almond flour, parmesan, baking powder, onion powder and salt to a square glass dish. • Whisk to combine.

• Add grated cheddar cheese, an egg and olive oil, then whisk to combine. • Microwave for 90 seconds.

• Cool for a minute or two. • Run a knife around the edge of the dish, then flip the dish over to get the bread out.

• Use a long serrated knife, like a bread knife, to slice the bread in half, horizontally, so that you end up with two slices.

• Heat a skillet on medium high heat with butter. • Add both slices of bread and fry until golden.

• Once golden, flip both pieces over.

• Spread mayo over both slices of bread, then top with sliced cheddar cheese.

• Flip one piece of bread over the other piece to form a sandwich.

• Fry until the bottom is toasty, flip the sandwich over and then again, fry until toasty.

Get the recipe