Keto Everything Bagels


• almond flour • parmesan • baking powder • baking soda • garlic powder • onion powder • mozzarella • butter • eggs • vinegar

• Combine almond flour with parmesan, baking powder, baking soda, onion & garlic powder. • Mix well.

• Stir in mozzarella. • Place butter on top and then microwave until the butter and cheese has melted.

• Crack one whole egg and one egg white into the bowl, saving the other yolk for later.

• Stir well and then gently fold in vinegar.

• Divide dough into 4 sections.

• Roll a section into a log, and then shape into a circle. Pinch the two edges together.

• Repeat for the three other bagels.

• Whisk the remaining egg yolk and then brush overtop of the bagels.

• Mix everything bagel seasoning and then sprinkle evenly over the bagels. • Bake @ 375

• Slice in half and then enjoy with your favourite ingredients!