Keto Breakfast Burritos

with Ham, Peppers & Cheese

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• low carb tortillas • butter • onion • pepper • ham • eggs • heavy cream • salt • pepper • cheese

Get the recipe


• Fry cubed ham, peppers and onions in hot butter until the edges have browned and onion is translucent.


• Whisk eggs with heavy cream, salt and pepper.

• Pour the eggs into the fried ham, peppers and onions.

• Stir often, cook on low until the egg is fully cooked.


• Place 1/3 cup scrambled eggs on each tortilla with 2 tbsp grated cheddar cheese.

Wrap 'em

• Wrap up each burrito.

• Wrap them in tin foil and store in the freezer.


• Grill, microwave or bake to reheat the burritos!